On The Easel


One of my latest commissions is a painting of this beautiful Cream Birman, and I photographed at various stages whilst I was painting him.

Rough sketch on canvas.








Starting on the painting - I always do some of the cat before doing the background.









The eye colour and stripey bedding are painted.








More fur details and the background are painted, adding shadows where needed.










The finished painting. You may notice I have cooled down his cream colouring - especially around the ears. I have added his essential whiskers, and more furry details. His eyes were mainly in shade, but just a small glint of a highlight helps to being them to life. All the painting needs now is a signature and protective varnish.














I was commissioned to paint this delightful 5 week old Devon Rex kitten called Bokeh -who had a predeliction for sucking his toes! His owner decided he had to be pictured in this way – and she sent me many accomplished photo’s of him doing this. I decided to use this painting to show the various stages as I produce a painting – pausing now and then to take a photo ( when I remembered.)

(1) The rough sketch on canvas is sent to client for approval before commencing painting.





(2) rough base colours are blocked in.








(3) Background and foreground colours are blocked in, plus basic eye colour and some fur detail.








(4) Foreground detail and background shading, plus more fur detail - Bokeh is appearing.







(5) Nearly complete - eye and fur details - plus the toy mouse has appeared.








(6) The finished painting, signed and ready to be sent to the client.