Welcome to my website – I update it at least once a week, so you will always find something new to see.  I will be posting new items which you can buy direct from me.

 Also, take a look at my Ebay and Etsy shops for a wide variety of prints, comical and informative signs, greetings, Christmas and other special occasion cards. If there is anything you would like to buy, but prefer not to use Ebay or Etsy, please contact me – I can make alternative arrangements. I also have exciting new items for sale in my weekly eBay auctions.

A reminder that all my images are subject to copyright law – ie. it is illegal to reproduce or use them in any way, without my permission.


I was born in North West London, and after spending most of my childhood drawing and painting animals, moved to Folkestone. I studied at Maidstone College of Art. Home is now a village in between Folkestone and Canterbury, on top of the North Downs in Kent.

Below, you will see a few of my new items.


My 2022 Siamese and Devon Rex calendars are still available. They are £14.00 each plus postage.Calendar Siamese covercalendar Devon Rex cover












This lovely painting on wooden panel depicts a badger, surrounded by foliage and daisies – in a stained-glass style.  It is in auction on eBay.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234377203279BADGER STAINED GLASS CPRT








This lovely pendant is sea-worn slate, and portrays a lovely seal Birman. It is in auction on eBay.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234373894928Pendant slate Birman









This lovely print  depicts an older-style sealpoint Siamese perching on an oversized branch with foliage and fruit.  In the original painting, the background was metallic gold and I photographed  the original to make sure that this would show up in the subsequent print.  It is in auction on eBay.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/234379555019Print Tom Thumb









These lovely, glittery cards are available in my eBay and Etsy shops, or direct from me.  They are A5 in size, and are decorated with glitter.xmas card Santa's little Helper 1Xmas card L & L build a snow pigDSCF8434





Here are a few of my new greetings cards.  They are £3.00 each plus postage.Card white gothic hare ebayCard Oreocard Siamese cut canvascard spellbinder

card Tabbypt Devon Archcard Rising Mooncard Cinnamonpt Siamese tallCard Three Amigos

Card Gusti 1card Birman stained glassCard FlorenceCard Sugar and SpiceCard Siamese in windowcard Bluebellscard oriental Blackcard Dreamycard Ragdoll stained glasscard square Hare stained glasscard Lilacpt stained glassCard Rainbow Bridge Siamese

 Card Little and Larges Breakfast in bedCard Stanley

card Hare on moon squarecard Bedtime for Butterscotchcard square siamese on pastelcard Siamese Love you to the moon and back cprtCard Tabbypt and kitten squareCard Two Princesses lightCard Shadowcard Contemporary Gold lightCard Oriental black moon light








NEW LAMINATED BATHROOM DOOR SIGNSsign The Two bathroomSign Little and Large bathroom

These two signs are new additions.  The first one depicts Little and Large, the Guinea pig and Capybara duo, and the second, my Siamese and oriental kitten duo.  They have sticky fixers on the back for sticking to your bathroom door.  They are for sale in both my ebay and Etsy shops.

NEW KEYRINGS/HANDBAG CHARMSKeyring close Boston Terrier Pub

These new keyrings can also be used as handbag charms – or cat carrier charms.  I also have  Bengal, Devon Rex, other Siamese, Hare and Guinea Pig ones.  I have just listed these on eBay and Etsy.  The are very heavy and have a solid feel.  They are £4.50 each plus postage.

Keyring Skylark Close









This cute little pebble was a special commission. I made him a little snowy patch for him to stand in, and the mound of snow behind him serves as a stand so that he stands upright. To see more of my pebbles please go to my Handpainted Pebble Gallery.  Please note, all of the pebbles in this gallery have been sold.




See my Handpainted Pebble Gallery for some of my favourite pebbles.



This lovely pebble featured a mother owl and her baby, Little Boo, who is cradled, fast asleep, under her wing. Judging by the sleepy look in Mum’s eyes, it has take quite a while for Little Boo to fall asleep! I made a little star-patterned cushion for them to sit on. This pebble recently sold on Ebay.


Handpainted Egyptian-style mirror, with Bastet, hieroglyphs etc., in imitation of a tomb painting.

I have done some quirky artworks in the past, and one of these was this very large, Egyptian-style mirror. She had the piece of MDF cut to size specifically for her bathroom, to be placed above her washbasin. I would have loved to have seen the whole of her Egyptian bathroom!



FOR ADOPTION – original handpainted 3-D ACEO painting

I particularly enjoy doing 3 – dimensional paintings, and this Guinea Pig one sold on Ebay recently. In this one, I have made and painted a separate, vintage-looking price tag, and have attached it with real ‘string’ around the pig’s neck. I have taken a photo at an angle which illustrates this far better than my usual scanned image.